20' Open Side Dangerous Cargo Unit, Economy - Perth, WA HF109792

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20' Open Side Dangerous Goods Storage Container - Economy Grade

This is an Economy Grade container which means:

  • Wind, water tight and weatherproof
  • No structural integrity guaranteed
  • Surface rust
  • Fair or poor quality
  • Unpainted
  • Obvious wear and tear

General Product Description:

Class 3 Dangerous and hazardous goods containers are available in three convenient sizes - 8ft (2.3m), 10ft Pallet Wide (3m) and 20ft (6m) and are fully compliant with legislation AS1940-2004*. (*Certificates of compliance can be supplied upon request.)

These Class 3 containers are equipped with an internal door release, ventilation, bunded floor and a lockable stainless steel valve in the bund wall, ensuring safety is the number one priority.

Size and weight of 8ft Class 3:

External Internal
Length 2.30m Length 2.14m
Width 2.30m Width 2.14m
Height 2.25m Height 1.81m
Weight 1,150kg Weight 1,150kg

Size and weight of 10ft Class 3:

External Internal
Length 2.99m Length 2.58m
Width 2.44m Width 2.38m
Height 2.90m Height 2.42m
Weight 1,860kg Weight 1,860kg

Size and weight of 20ft Class 3:

External Internal
Length 6.06m Length 5.49m
Width 2.44m Width 2.34m
Height 2.90m Height 2.36m
Weight 3,650kg Weight 3,650kg

Royal Wolf's Class 3 Hazardous Goods and Liquids Storage containers are the ideal storage units for paint, thinners, oils, diesel, chemicals, class 3 flammables and any other potentially dangerous substance.

In addition to providing solutions for hazardous goods, liquids and chemical storage, Royal Wolf's containers are a valuable storage source for non-hazardous liquids where there are risks associated with spills and slips.

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