20' Half Height Bins, Standard - Moorebank, NSW HF115310

20' Half Height Bins, Standard - Moorebank, NSW HF115310

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Half Height Container - Standard Grade

This is a Standard Grade container which means:

  • Wind and water tight
  • Structurally sound
  • May have obvious repair work
  • Good condition
    The Royal Wolf line of half height containers has been specially designed and engineered to carry bulk cargo that’s both heavy and dense. This makes them perfect for use in the mining industry, where they can be put to use carrying concentrates, sand, ore and other mined materials. Because of their design and their lower centre of gravity, they can handle heavier loads than other types of shipping containers.

    Suitable for bulk products such as concentrates, sand and grinding media, half height containers are supplied with waterproof removable hard lids which also eliminate dust during transit. They are heavy duty, have smooth walls, empty and loaded lift fork pockets and can be custom built to specific requirements, in a range of various heights and discharge systems.


    External Length 6058
    External Width 2438
    External Height 1800
    Internal Length 5893
    Internal Width 2276
    Internal Height 1565
    Max Gross (kg) 34000
    Tare (kg) 3050
    Max Payload (kg) 30950
    Cubic Capacity (m3) 20.7