40' Seacell High Cube, Premium - Albury, VIC HF176084

40' Seacell High Cube, Premium - Albury, VIC HF176084

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40' Sea Cell High Cube Container - Premium Grade

This is a Premium Grade container which means:

  • Usually Royal Wolf ex hire fleet
  • Minimal wear and tear
  • Wind and water tight
  • Structurally sound
  • Vermin proof

General Product Description:

Royal Wolf manufactures pallet wide containers which are sea cell friendly. Generally pallet wide containers are too wide to be loaded into cell guides on international shipping vessels. The sea cell friendly design has side wall corrugations which are off set on each side of the container. This allows the containers to be loaded side by side in cell guides, with adjacent corrugations being able to clear each other due to the off set design.

A Sea Cell has corner castings at the usual locations, so it can be lifted by any standard container-handling equipment and loaded into both cellular and non-cellular container ships, providing complete intermodal capability.

The greatest benefit that the Sea Cell container brings to shippers of cargo is the extra cube that results from Sea Cell's additional internal width, enabling a 20ft Sea Cell to carry 2 pallets side-by-side on the floor. This extra width allows it to fit 10 pallets in total on the floor.


20ft 40ft
External Length (mm) 6058 12192
External Width (mm) 2484 2484
External Height (mm) 2896 2896
Internal Length (mm) 5902 12100
Internal Width (mm) 2426 2426
Internal Height (mm) 2694 2694
Max Gross (kg) 34000 34000
Tare (kg) 2950 4160
Max Payload (kg) 31050 29840
Cubic Capacity (m3) 37.4 79.1

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